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Osti Original cheese slicer with plastic handle

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The Osti Original cheese slicer is the Danish design icon we all know from our own kitchens. The Osti Original has been often imitated but never duplicated.

In 2012 we gave the double-wired Osti Original a subtle contemporary update, keeping it simultaneously modern and classic.

The Osti Original is made of stainless steel with a food-friendly polypropylene (plastic) handle. In addition to the three classic Osti colours, red, white and black, we offer, we have welcomed five new colours, purple, lime green, blue, yellow and pink to the family.

Buy your Osti Original cheese slicer with plastic handle here.

Osti – Original since 1963.

Osti Original replacement slicing wires


For optimum performance of your Osti Original, use Osti Original replacement slicing wires. Our high quality stainless steel replacement slicing wires come in resealable packages of 3. Each package includes simple replacement instructions. Get more guidance here.

Buy your Osti Original replacement slicing wires here.

The Osti 01. Multi award winning non-stick cheese plane

OSTI non-stick cheese planer

The Osti 01, non-stick cheese plane was launched in 2014, and has since become highly popular The Osti 01 cheese plane has a unique and comfortable design and an amazing functionality. It handles most cheeses, and is especially recommended for the harder types of “yellow” cheese, such as Cheddar, Gouda and Emmentaler. The Osti cheese plane generally slices thinner slices than the Osti Original cheese slicer with wire. Thus it is also a good choice for the calorie conscious consumer. It is made from food friendly nylon (PA 66) and now comes in 6 delightful colors. The Osti cheese plane is dishwasher safe.

The Osti 01 cheese plane is a unique and beautifully designed cheese plane, boasting top of the line functionality and an excellent grip. The Osti 01 is simple and practical, and perfectly suited for cutting thin even slices of both hard and semi-hard cheeses. The Osti 01 is designed to perform and look far beyond its price point, making it a trusted companion when enjoying your favourite cheese.




The Osti 01 was recently awarded the Good Design Award, and now has a place in The Permanent Design Collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

In the beginning of 2016, the Osti 01 was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for product design. Previously, the Osti 01 cheese plane has also been awarded a double iF GOLD AWARD 2015. One award for the outstanding and resource conscious design, and one award for the packaging with its ingenious material usage. The Osti 01 also won an the European Design Award 2014, for the packaging.



The Osti 01 cheese plane is the recipient of numerous international design awards. In 2016, it won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in Germany and in 2015 a iF Gold Award and a Home Style Award in Shanghai. The hanger packaging for the Osti cheese plane has won a European Design Award and a gold iF Award.

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Osti 822 cheese slicer in stainless steel

OSTI  osteskærer i rustfrit stålOSTI stainless steel

In 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Osti, we launched the exceptional double-wired cheese slicer in stainless steel: the Osti 822. It´s an enjoyable and luxuriously designed cheese slicer with excellent functionality. The Osti 822 cuts perfect 2mm. and 4mm. slices of hard and semi-hard cheeses, and it includes all our ingenious components in 100% stainless steel.

Osti’s logo is discretely placed on the robust, polished handle. At the very top, presides a gently redesigned cheese fork in stainless steel. The Osti 822 is fitted with our strongest wire, made from the finest materials, and it comes in an exclusive off-black packaging with print in silver hot foil.

The Osti Original Replacement Wires are perfectly compatible with the Osti 822.

The Osti 822 is dishwasher safe.

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Osti 922 cheese slicer with handle in walnut

OSTI osteskærer med håndtag i valnøddetræ


It´s not the first time that Osti creates a cheese slicer with a handle made from wood. The earlier versions were produced with the handle made of rosewood. This time we have chosen to use walnut wood, which is slightly lighter in the color tone and of medium hardness. On the handle, just below the transition to the disc and the rod, we have placed an Osti logo emblem, in stainless steel.

Our choice of handle material means that every product is unique, because the tone of the color of the wood will vary slightly from cheese slicer to cheese slicer. The uniqueness of every cheese slicer, is further enhanced by the fact that the handles have all been processed and fitted by hand. Thus we ended up with exactly the product we wanted: a handle with slight and unique variations in the “live” material.

At the very top is the cheese fork in stainless steel, shaped and casted according to the cheese fork on the Osti Original cheese slicers with plastic handles. The handle of the Osti Original cheese slicer with handle in walnut wood, is shaped in line with the classic “propeller” shaped handle in plastic – with a few minor adjustments.

As we feel that both newcomers, our loyal customers and the Osti 922 walnut deserves a little extra, we have designed a luxurious and simple tube-shaped packaging. A packaging signalling that here comes an extraordinary product. A product perfectly suited as a gift or simply as self-indulgence.

Buy your Osti Original cheese slicer with handle in walnut wood here.

Osti 010 cutting board made from oak wood

OSTI skærebræt i egetræ

The Osti cutting board in massive oak wood is an ambitious new product, beautifully crafted in oil treated, FSC-certified oak wood. Measurements: 35,1 x 28,8cm x 18mm. Weight: App. 1050 gram.

The Osti cutting board in oak wood is hand finished and boasts an ergonomically rounded lower edge, making the cutting board easier and safer to move from station to station. The Osti cutting board in oak wood is fitted with a distinct and highly functional juice groove and a unique juice reservoir. The Osti logo is burned into the back.

The Osti cutting board in oak wood is a multi functional cutting board, suited for both kitchen- and dining table use. Use for carving, slicing, chopping, serving or whatever you like. The Osti cutting board in oak is also the obvious choice for presenting and serving cheese and cheese desserts. It´s quite simply a beauty that you must see and try!

The Osti cutting board in oak wood is available here.

We do NOT recommend dish washing your Osti cutting board in oak wood.

The Osti rolling cheese slicers


Comes with roll and a permanent, high quality wire in stainless steel. The handle is in either black reinforced polyamide (the Osti 303), or aluminium (the Osti 803).

The rolling cheese slicers are suited for most hard and semi hard “yellow” cheeses. Depending on the angle of slicing and the applied pressure, the Osti 303 and Osti 803 cheese slicers with roll, cut even slices from app. 1 millimeters in thickness, up to app. 5 millimeters in thickness.

The Osti rolling cheese slicers, are ingeniously constructed and designed comprising of the classic propeller handle, and a halved logo-shape as the functional part.

The Osti 303 and 803 are both available in our webshop.

Both versions are dishwasher safe.


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The Osti 832. De luxe cheese slicer with copper handle

Osti832-ProduktOgHangercard-20160921Buy your Osti 832 here


New elegant cheese knives from Osti. As gift sets or singles.


Osti knives and boxesOsti-box-01-2pcs-Fritlagt Get your Osti cheese knives here